Встраиваемая коробка Умного города

Smart City is a growing demand to improve the security and sustainability of urban spaces while reducing costs and resource consumption. Civic resources are under pressure and crime is harder than ever to police.  The task to collect and integrate vast amount of raw data and make analytics for actions is a posing challenges as well as opportunities to IT system integrators.

■ System Requirements:
Smart city surveillance/IoT solution requires to be installed in outdoor environment, such as street light, traffic light, or wall/roof in the field. In Surveillance, the system needs to connect and power PoE cameras, with fiber or LTE as uplink path. The audio interface is needed for microphone and speaker, to collect local voice and also alarm warning. Different power sources must be supported such as street light, solar panel, and batteries. The integration and installation is a huge task, therefore, an easy and safe batch configuration is a must. Management and cyber security level is as critical as the application.


           Smart City Box - a fully integrated embedded  communication solution for Smart Cities:

  • 4 high power PoE with management to connect to cameras
  • Giga WAN port for network, USB for configuration and SD slot for storage
  • Fiber uplink with ERPS Ring support to provide network resilience
  • LTE and WiFi support as hot spot
  • local RS232 interface and LoRa support for IoT devices
  • Audio interface for connecting Speaker and Microphone            

SCB1000.1200 Embedded Smart City Box

SCB1000.1200 Embedded Smart City Box