Защита промышленных сетей

Enhancing manufacturing productivity has always been the central objective for suppliers of all kinds of industries. Industrial automation and process control play a key role in increasing industrial output and further optimized automated product storage system. Industrial automation reduces labor costs while lowering workforce requirements and increasing safety.

When deploying automation system, the importance of sustainable communication network for automation system parts interconnection is undeniable: interruption in data communication may bring down the whole production process and lead to further equipment malfunctions.

WoMaster delivers industrial automation network design solutions guaranteeing:

■ sustainable availability,

■ high performance,

■ redundancy functions,

■ Cyber security.

The network system solution developed by WoMaster ensures increased productivity across various sectors at the plant by providing high-speed, seamless data communication for sophisticated automation and efficient network management from remotely located Control Centers. Perfectly optimized production and control processes considerably benefit to company revenue which is the main purpose of any business.