Market Position

Cincoze is a system provider in the Industrial Computing field. We design, manufacture, and market highly engineered and innovative products to meet the demanding industrial application markets.


Cincoze specializes in the processes that are crucial to implementing a complete solution, every step from the technical feasibility study, design, verification, and manufacturing to extended life cycle services.
With responsive design, accurate and ERP-managed manufacturing abilities, in addition to expert component selection, Cincoze offers high quality, long lifecycle management to meet the most demanding requirements.

 Product Lines

Cincoze is a professional manufacturer providing industrial computing system solutions. We offer both fanless computing and display computing product lines.

“Diamond” is our fanless computing system product line that includes three series; Superior Performance (Diamond S), Power Efficient (Diamond E), and Compact Size (Diamond C). Diamond is a rugged, reliable and comprehensive solution for critical industrial environments.

“Crystal” is our display computing system product line that includes three series; Convertible Panel PC (Crystal VP), Convertible Touch Monitor (Crystal VM), and Display System Module (CDS Module). Crystal is a flexible, all-in-one, industrial, and multi-functional solution that fulfills a wide range of applications.

Configure-To-Order Services (CTOs)

    We offer “Turnkey” solutions according to customers’ needs. We can configure numerous options on our systems including:

·         Hardware Integration: We carefully choose and certify qualified products such as processors, memory, storage devices, expansion cards, and other components as our standard part lists. You decide the configuration and we integrate those components into your system.

·         Software Installation: We can install an operating system (OS) or a customized image based on the request.

·         Testing & Verification: We will conduct POST, function tests and burn-in tests on the integrated system.

Benefits to Customers

Flexible System Solutions
Cost Effectiveness
Proven Quality

 OEM/ODM Services

Cincoze offers OEM/ODM and industrial computing customization services to meet the requirements of clients in small to medium quantities with a fast time-to-market turnaround. Our services cover the full project life cycle. We maintain stringent quality standards in our manufacturing processes, and ensure products to go through rigorous quality checks at every stage of production. Our expertise and experience lies in design implementation, quick prototyping, on-time delivery and RMA / repairing services for our clients.