Cincoze is proud to offer our fanless embedded computers which are designed to be rugged, fanless and cable free and are subjected to rigorous testing for verification of their suitability to operate under harsh environmental conditions. They are extremely reliable and suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.
“Diamond” is our fanless computing system product line that includes six series; Extreme Performance (Diamond X), Superior Performance (Diamond S), 
Intelligent (Diamond I), Power Efficient (Diamond E), Compact Size (Diamond C) and Affordable (Diamond A).
Diamond is a rugged, reliable and comprehensive solution for critical industrial environments.

Extreme Performance & Compact Size (DX Series)

Cincoze’s first rugged embedded workstation, DX Series, stands for ‘’Diamond Extreme’’ and it is an extreme performance and compact workstation powered by Intel Xeon and core processors. This can bring outstanding system performance for high-end applications and a wide range of processors for selection. DX series is the most compact workstation with highly modular design, it supports flexible modular I/O expansion, 2x front accessible HDD trays, and unlimited combinations for space-limited requirements.  

High Performance & Compact Size (DI Series)

Cincoze's new member, DI Series, stands for “Diamond Intelligent” and it is the first series which is designed for “high performance and compact” within Cincoze’s product portfolio. The unique design of DI Series makes it ideal for harsh, space-limited and performance required application such as factory automation, machine vision, in-vehicle computing and mobile surveillance. 

High Performance & Expandable (DS Series)

Cincoze DS Series is a high-performance fanless embedded computer powered by Intel® Core™ platform supporting a wide range of socket-type desktop CPUs and accommodates two memory sockets up to 32 GB which allows DS Series to fulfill all kinds of high-end computing requirements. DS Series also supports maximum 2 PCI/PCIe expansion slots with the different combination of interfaces for expanding all kinds of application add-on cards. DS Series is truly a rugged computing system with features of wide operating temperature, wide range DC power input (from 9V to 48V), high tolerance of shock and vibration and high-standard industrial protections. 


Power Efficient & Palm Size (DA Series)

DA series is an ultra-compact size fanless embedded computer powered by Intel® Atom™/Celeron®/Pentium® Processor. This can bring economic advantages on budget and also fulfill the needs for industrial computing tasks. DA series supports Combined Multiple I/O (CMI) interface and modules which are specially designed for flexible I/O expandability; it allows users to extend various I/Os according to their needs.


Fanless Design

Moving parts in a computer are susceptible to mechanical failure. Comparing to conventional active cooling design, Cincoze fanless computers provide outstanding sustainability and durability in dusty and dirty environment.


Cable-less Design

Cables may generate signal degradation and latency over the time. Cincoze cableless design makes all connectors and components mounted right on the spot to create the highest computer performance and reliability. Users are able to efficiently assemble the system without any confusion.


Jumper-less Design

Jumperless design has the great advantage for the users to easily and efficiently configure the setting without any hassle. Cincoze rugged design mounts dip switch directly onto the board for highest stability.


Unibody Chassis

Cincoze adopts its unique unibody chassis design for the most elevated robust structure against collision. In addition, with 1-piece chassis design, huge amount of heat can be stored for the system to perform the most optimized heat dissipation generated from the components.


Wide Temperature Range

Harsh environments are often involved with extreme temperatures. Not only we use military and industrial grade components as our standard BOM, our systems are specially designed in surviving in such temperature range (-40°C to +70°C) with no performance compensation.


Tolerance for Shock & Vibration

Cincoze pays every detail to overcome real shock and vibration environment, such as fanless / cableless /jumperless design, expansion card retainer, anti-vibration bottom plate design, and many more. Our systems can operate with vibration up to 5 Grms and shock up to 50 Grms.