Cincoze convertible display system product line that is consisted of Convertible Panel PC and Touch Monitor. A wide selection of display sizes are available from 8.4” to 24” with format aspect of 4:3 and 16:9, choices of single or multi-touch screen, and selected computer performance. Cincoze convertible display systems are designed with innovative technology and the highest industrial standard. They have extensive functionality that fulfill the needs for a wide range of applications.

“Crystal” is our display computing system product line that includes three series; Convertible Panel PC (Crystal VP), Convertible Touch Monitor (Crystal VM), and Display System Module (CDS Module). Crystal is a flexible, all-in-one, industrial, and multi-functional solution that fulfills a wide range of applications.

Ultra-high Brightness

Our sunlight readable solution features ultra-high brightness LED backlights than standard monitors to increase the screen brightness up to 1,600 nits. It provides sharp and clear video images even with bright sunlight shining directly on the screen.

Optical Bonding 

By eliminating the air gap, optical bonding can reduce reflection and increase sunlight readability. In addition, it has higher resistance to shock & vibration, prevents fog formation during rapid temperature change, and also benefits better touch performance and heat dissipation.

IP65 Compliant Front Panel

The IP65 compliant front panel is composed of the aluminum die-casting bezel and hardened glass. The rugged design can against water, dust, and humidity and allow easy cleaning for various occasions.

Wide Operating Temperature Range

Outdoor environments often involve extreme temperatures, hot, cold, or both. Thus, we use industrial-grade components and well-selected LCD panels to ensure stability and reliability in outdoor environments.