Приборы для измерения электростатических разрядов

With increasing industry concern about electrostatic discharge (ESD) and the damage it can cause in highly-sensitive electronics and other high-tech manufacturing, Trek offers products and expertise to assist with the measurement and control of ESD. Our measurement instruments deliver not only high accuracy but also high confidence. Trek charged-plate monitors help with ionizer setup, calibration and auditing processes.

Electrostatic Voltmeters

Monroe feedback electrostatic voltmeters originated in the 1950s. Electrostatic voltmeters measure surface potential on various materials without contacting the measured surface. They are distinguished for their high accuracy, typically better than 0.1% of full scale, and provide stable, drift-free, low-noise measurements that are independent of probe-to-surface separation.

Electrostatic Fieldmeters

Electrostatic fieldmeters measure the electrostatic field strength (voltage per unit distance) between the probe and the material under test. Probe-to-surface separation must be carefully controlled for accurate measurement, allowing field strengths in the hundreds of kilovolts can to be measured. Monroe fieldmeters use a feedback-driven design to assure accurate, drift-free, non-contacting measurements.

Charge Plate Monitors

Charge-plate monitors evaluate the quality of air ionization systems used to neutralize static charge accumulation. Charge-plate monitors measure both positive and negative discharge times to evaluate the production of the air ions used to neutralize charges, plus ion balance voltage.

Resistivity Meters

Specialty resistance and resistivity meters are used to evaluate static dissipative materials, packaging, flooring, work surfaces, garments, and other items that are used in ESD static control programs.

Models are available to measure surface resistivity, surface resistance, volume resistivity, volume resistance, point-to-point resistance, and point-to-ground resistance.